TC.P.LIN Series

DC power supply with integrated linear post-processor, S3R mode

The TC.P.LIN.SR device is intended to simulate the behaviour of low to medium power solar cells in terms of very fast electrical response time and accurate reproduction of the solar I=f(U) curve. The main application field is formed by testing highly specialized airborne/spacecraft equipment.

By a complex electronic topology, the challenging requirements could be met. The unit is capable to respond correctly to the time dependent fluctuation of a self-spinning satellite body as also to the demanding high frequency PWM modulation of the onboard satellite voltage controllers.


  • Constant voltage (0 – 100 %), constant current (0 – 100 %) and constant power operation (5 – 100 %) with automatic and fast controller crossover and mode indication. 
  • Primary switched. Galvanically isolated. Full digital control and regulation.
  • Topology with special function blocks for high performance solar simulation in terrestrial and satellite ground Test Equipment like Special Check Out Equipment (SCOE) and also for spacecraft Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE).
  • Low power losses, high efficiency in all operation modes, especially also in LIN-mode and S3R-mode.
  • ‘TopControl’ installation file, LabVIEW® and C/C++ API (DLL file) are included in the scope of delivery.
  • Wide range of communication interfaces like Ethernet, LXI, CAN/CANOpen, GPIB/IEE488, USB
  • CE conformity
  • Swiss made: Developed, manufactured and tested in Switzerland by Regatron AG.

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