Resistance Standards Overview - IET Labs, Inc

15 distinct series cover the extraordinary range of 100 Micro-Ohms to 10 Tera-Ohms. We have a model that will fill any conceivable requirement or budget. Here is a thumbnail summary of what is available. The SRX Series are economical, yet very stable and accurate resistance standards that cover the range of 1 Milli-Ohm to 100 Meg-Ohms. The SRX1 Series, available from 1 Ohm to 1 Meg-Ohm, has annual stability up to 5 P P M and minimal change from power cycling. Used by National Measurement Institutes throughout the world, the SRL Series are lab grade, ultra-precision resistance standards with annual stabilities as good as 2 PPM. Originally developed by E S I, we are most proud of our SR 1-0-2 1-0-3 and 1-0-4, which are the highest performing resistance standards commercially available in the world. Available at 100, 1000 and 10,000 ohms, these primary standards have unparalleled annual stabilities of zero point 5 PPM and temperature coefficients of less than 1 PPM per degree C. For high current applications, consider our DC CS Series Current Shunt Series The VRS 100 Series offers up to 11 high performance, high resistance standards in one convenient housing. If several precision high resistance standards are required, this series provides an excellent value for the cost. We also have the most complete line of highest performing transfer standards originally designed by ESI, the SR 10-10, SR 10-30 and SR 10-50 Series Finally we have the LOM-5 30 Micro ohm meter calibration kit which is highly suited for low resistance measurement and for calibrating low resistance ohm meters.