PMLA Series

MANUFACTURER: Höcherl & Hackl


  • Configurable multi-channel load
  • Up to 12 channels in 19“ - 2 HU
  • Tailored configurations possible with modules in 4 voltage and 4 power classes
  • 150 W - 300 W - 450 W - 600 W modules
  • Voltages 40 V - 60 V - 120 V - 240 V
  • Currents from 1 A to 120 A
  • CC - CV - CR - CP mode
  • Dynamic loads
  • 1,800 W total power
  • Operated via User Interface
  • SCPI programming with measurement function
  • Internal measurement data storage
  • Electronic protection
  • Analog measurement outputs (optional)
  • Analog control input (optional)
  • Extensive data interfaces
  • 19 inch mountable
  • Channel expansion via Slave devices
  • Watchdog function
  • LabVIEW drivers and software tools available for download


The PMLA electronic multi-channel load has up to 3 cooling units, each with 4 mounting positions for load modules. 150 W, 300 W, 450 W or 600 W load modules are available.
Depending on power, a module occupies one (150 W), two (300 W), three (450 W) or four slots (600 W).

Load Modules

The modules are available in four different voltages 40 V, 60 V, 120 V and 240 V and currents from 1 A up to 120 A.
Various loads can be configured, e.g.:
1 x 600 W + 1 x 450 W + 2 x 300 W + 5 x 150 W
The total power is max. 1,800 W.
The loads can therefore be easily configured to test units with multiple outputs.
The load inputs are galvanically separated. Very simple systems can therefore be specially configured for requirements with multi-channel Burn-In equipment.

Operating Modes and Functions

The following operating modes are possible:
 Current mode
 Voltage mode
 Resistance mode
 Power mode
 Dynamic mode with up to 100 setting values
An adjustable current or voltage protection as well as voltage and current measurement functions are available.

Measurement Data Storage

A data acquisition function records up to 100 measurement points (time, voltage, current) at each channel and saves it internally.

User Interface

The master device has a graphical user interface. All channels, also those of connected slave devices, can be operated.

I/O Port

Optional I/O Port for the following functions.
 Load setting C and V
 Load on/off
 Voltage monitor output
 Current monitor output
 Sense inputs

Factory Calibration Certificate


A free Factory Calibration Certificate (FCC) is supplied with the devices. The FCC meets the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9000ff. This calibration certificate documents the traceability to national standards to illustrate the physical device in accordance with the international System of Units (SI). Within the warranty period we calibrate a second time for free.

--> Conditions for a second free calibration

The recommended calibration interval is 2 years.

Software Tools und Drivers

LabVIEW drivers and software tools are available for download free of charge.


 Calibration of driver outputs
 Consumer test of electrical systems

Test of:

 Batteries and accumulators
 DC/DC converters
 Electronic assemblies
 Electronic fuses and cut-off
 Fuse boxes
 Power distributors

Trigger System

By a trigger system all channels can synchronously be switched on or a programmed waveform can be started.

Watchdog Function

An adjustable watchdog function may protect the DUT by switching the input off in case of disrupted data communication.

Cooler and Load Modules

At each device three cooling units can be installed. At each cooling unit one, two or four modules can be installed, depending on type.


The load terminals are provided at pluggable terminal strips.


The air transport from the front panel to the rear panel enables the assembly of compact rack systems without gaps. The temperature-controlled fan control provides a pleasant operating noise.


Each Electronic Load is supplied with a user manual as PDF file and printed General Safety Instructions, each in German and English.


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