Digital Radio Test Set3920B

MANUFACTURER: VIAVI Solutions (d.Aeroflex)
The platform also supports the ability to add software options to expand the measurement and signaling capabilities for communications systems that utilize advanced digital modulation and protocols.

Designed for Flexibility, Speed, Ease of Use and Accuracy
The advanced digital architecture of the 3920 not only delivers faster, more accurate measurements, thereby lowering the cost of test when compared to any of its contemporaries and predecessors, but also ensures that future market needs can be met in a timely fashion. The future of professional mobile radio is changing rapidly as technology advances and market needs expand and the 3920 is a platform that will stand the test of time.


Within the 3920 Series is a Pentium based processor coupled with a stable Linux platform provides a solid foundation for a powerful systems based test solution capable of addressing many different technologies. Three powerful digital signal processors can deliver unparalleled performance to address many different test requirements with ease. An internal 40 GB hard drive provides virtually unlimited storage for user setups, screen shots and test data. Files can be easily transferred to a USB thumb drive for external storage or processing. Setup files can be easily transferred from one instrument to another.

The platform also supports the ability to add software options to expand the measurement and signaling capabilities for communications systems that utilize advanced digital modulation and protocols.

The 3920 platform is capable of testing the following systems:

  • Analog – FM, AM, AM USB, AM LSB
  • P25< >Conventional C4FM/LSM / CQPSKPhase 2 HDQPSK/HCPM
  • Trunking C4FM/LSM/CQPSK/X2-TDMA™
  • Analog SmartZone™ and SMARTNET™ Trunking (Analog or Digital P25 handoff)
  • Off Air Monitor for Protocol Analysis
  • HPD - High Performance Data
  • DMR – Digital Mobile Radio
  • NXDN™ - 4800/9600 baud
  • TETRA – BS, BS T1, DM, MS, MS T1
  • dPMR – Digital Private Mobile Radio
  • ARIB STD-T98
  • Advanced capabilites
  • IQ Generator functions
  • Site Survey coverage analysis
  • P25 Protocol analysis
  • Auto-Test II system for automated testing with applications


  • Auto-Test II Scripting Support to build internal test applications
    • Motorola ASTRO® 25 Series Mobile/Portable Alignment
    • Motorola ASTRO® Series Mobile/Portable Alignment
    • Motorola APX™ Series Alignment
    • Motorola MOTOTRBO™ XPR Radio Series Alignment
    • Motorola TETRA MS MTP-800 Series Autotest
    • DMR Repeater Autotest
    • EF Johnson ES Series Radio Alignment
    • BK DPHx5102x Radio Alignment


Analog Duplex Features

Analog duplex features are a standard part of the 3920 Radio Test Set. This test system supports extensive testing for FM/AM/SSB radios, including:

  • Full analog duplex operation from 1 MHz to 1 GHz or 2.7 GHz respectively
  • Full span spectrum analyzer with displayed average noise level of -125 dBm
  • Three independent audio modulation sources from 1 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Upper and lower single side band (SSB) transmitter and receiver testing
  • Auto-Test Analog option

Features Emulate the HP/Agilent 8920 Series Analog Tests
The 3920 provides test features found on the HP/Agilent 8920 used extensively in the analog radio production environment. Included is a remote language interpreter that allows users an upgrade path from their obsolete 8920's. This interpreter provides many compatibility commands to reduce the number of changes required to existing applications that control the 8920 over a GPIB interface.

IQCreator™ Compatibility (390OPT054)
The 3920 supports the popular Aeroflex IQCreator software from Aeroflex and has the ability to generate single or multiple carriers with user defined digital or analog modulation types unique to each carrier within a 50 kHz bandwidth (actual bandwidth is dependent on the maximum sample rate). With IQCreator capability, the 3920 now provides a high level of future-proof capability by providing engineers and production test users the ability to update their 3920 generator capabilities with digital modulation formats, whether they are proprietary or part of a new standard.

Harmonics and Spurious Option (390XOPT060)
With the 3920, measuring the harmonics and spurious of a transmitted signal is as easy as pushing a button. This option automatically and quickly finds the second and third harmonics and the spurious signals. It operates by first finding the frequency of the fundamental and then taking measurements at the location of the second and third harmonics. Then it does a search for spurious by searching through the entire band, looking for any signal that is greater than a level set by the user. All of this information is then presented to a user in an easy to read and interpret format.

Tracking Generator Option (390XOPT061)
The 3920 includes a tracking generator as part of the spectrum analyzer. The tracking generator enables the 3920 to sweep cables, antennas, duplexers, and other RF components of an analog or digital system.

APCO P25/Project 25 (390XOPT200)
This optional feature provides the 3920 with the ability to transmit and receive P25 modulated signals and perform RF and modulation measurements on P25 radios and systems. P25 Measurements include: Modulation Fidelity, Symbol Deviation, Symbol Clock Error, TX Bit Error, RX Bit Error, Frequency Error, and Transmit Power. This system supports all modulation formats that are available in P25 systems.  Available modulation formats for P25 Phase 1 include: C4FM, CQPSK, LSM (Linear Simulcast Modulation).  Phase 2 modulation formats: HDQPSK and HCPM are now available as well.  Powerful diagnostic displays provide immediate indications of transmitter performance.  Graphical displays include: Symbol Distribution Plot, Eye Diagram, Constellation and Trajectory Plots. These powerful tools provide immediate indications of a transmitter’s performance characteristics.  Poor performance from the transmitter can cause a severe reduction in coverage area for digital systems.

APCO 25/P25 Trunking Option (390XOPT201)
Aeroflex has an exclusive new option for the Aeroflex 3920 Series Digital Radio Test Set to support P25 Trunking. Designed to support the needs of basic P25 testing as well as complex analysis of advanced P25 systems, the 3920 Series features powerful analysis tools with an easy to use graphics interface. The new P25 Trunking Option (Option 201) supports trunking operation in the VHF/UHF/700 MHz and 800 MHz bands. Exclusive features include the ability to simultaneously generate a control channel and traffic channel with duplex offset capability to go from 1 MHz to 2.7 GHz. With the 3920 Series, operators with radios on P25 systems can rest assure their radios are in proper working order, providing the critical interoperability needed for today's communications.

SmartZone™ and SMARTNET™ (390XOPT207)
The Aeroflex 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set includes support for Motorola's ASTRO SmartNet™/SmartZone™ systems, including support for rebanded channels in the 800 MHz band.

KVL Keyloader (390XOPT209)
The KVL Keyloader Option adds the ability to enter encryption keys into the 3920 for DES and AES. Encryption keys may be loaded manually using either the front panel or external keypad, or the Project 25 Key Fill Device (KFD) interface protocol. Additionally, keys may be loaded using KVL ASN mode of operation found in KVL-3000 and older model key loaders from Motorola.

P25 Phase 2 TDMA operation (390XOPT220)
Aeroflex has developed the P25 Phase 2 TDMA operation to meet the needs of radio technicians to test P25 portables, mobiles, and base stations to the latest standard.   P25 phase 2 measurements can be made on both H-CPM and H-DQPSK signals.  The phase 2 operation adds the following capability to the P25 operation of the 3920:

  • H-CPM (inbound modulation) modulation and demodulation
  • H-CPM eye diagram, distribution plot, and constellation
  • H-DQPSK (outbound modulation) modulation and demodulation
  • H-DQPSK eye diagram, distribution plot, and constellation
  • Generation of all H-CPM standard patterns
  • Generation of all H-DQPSK standard patterns
  • Unit-under-test (UUT) measurements for Phase 2 including modulation fidelity, symbol deviation, symbol clock error, frequency error, power and TX bit error
  • Power profile diagrams of both full slots and ramp-up/ramp-down for H-CPM modulation.

STI Site Survey
Field Test 7 with street data for the entire USA, GPS receiver/antenna, and a long list of capabilities including:

  • Automating drive test measurements of signal strength and P-25 BER
  • Compliance testing/analysis
  • Indoor coverage testing for sports arenas, office buildings, etc.


Auto-Test II Option
The Aeroflex 3900 Series Digital Radio Test Set supports an internal programming environment that allows operation of Aeroflex automatic test and alignment options to be installed or allows the end user to develop their own test programs using the built in TCL scripting language. The Auto-Test II system provides the tools for the development of applications that can include softkeys, user input and test results. The control of the functions of the box is through the same commands that are used for RCI. This gives the user the power to create their own way of using the 3920, and it is done with a language that is familiar to many programmers. Auto-Test II is available separately for each supported system.

APX™ Series Alignment Application (390XOPT604)

The APX Series radios are dual band and can be configured with any two band combinations. The application will test and align installed bands. Mobile power alignment is included in this option and requires the use of the standard internal DMM and optional AC24011 (10 AMP Current Shunt). The radio's standard USB programming cable is used directly by the 3920 to control the radio in test mode. Both Analog and Digital tests are performed to ensure the radio is performing at optimum performance. Alignments are available for Power, Referemce Oscillator, Deviation Balance and Receiver Front End. P25 Performance tests are available for Modulation Fidelity, Symbol Deviation and RX BER. Proper alignment will ensure the radio has maximum coverage performance.
Test results can be automatically stored each time a radio is tested. Stored test results can be moved to a computer or printed directly from the instrument itself. The application also has the ability to sweep test cables to gain a loss factor for each test frequency that is being tested. Loss factors can be much different between frequencies and bands. The compensation factor is automatically applied to all power readings as well as a compensation factor for the signal generator when testing RX BER.

ASTRO®/ASTRO® 25 Test and Alignment Application (390XOPT600/390XOPT601/390XOPT602)

Validate radios faster than ever with ease. Connect a single cable, press "Test and Align" and you are free to do more important things. This application is self contained within the 3920 and automatically performs the functions of radio alignment and verification to ensure optimal radio performance. Tests and aligns radios in as little as 6 minutes. ASTRO 25 Supports Portables: XTS®-5000, XTS-2500, XTS-1500, XTS-4000, SSE-5000, MT-1500 and Mobiles: XTL®-5000, XTL-2500, XTL-1500. ASTRO Supports XTS-3000, Saber and Spectra


  • Reference Oscillator
  • High Power
  • Mid Power
  • Low Power
  • Deviation Balance
  • Deviation Limiting
  • Front End Alignment (700/800 MHz band only)

Performance Tests

  • P25 Modulation Fidelity
  • P25 Symbol Deviation
  • P25 RX BER

LMR Auto-Test (390XOPT603)
Validate radios faster than ever with ease. This application is self contained within the 3920 and automatically performs the test functions as prescribed by the EIA/TIA-603 standards for testing any FM Land Mobile Radio. Configure up to 30 channels with independent test customization for each channel.

TX Tests
  • Frequency
  • Power
  • Microphone Sensitivity
  • Modulation Limiting
  • Audio Distortion
  • Audio Frequency Response
  • FM Hum and Noise
RX Tests
  • Audio Distortion
  • Audio Sensitivity
  • Audio Frequency Response
  • Usable Sensitivity
  • Displacement Bandwidth
  • Audio Squelch Sensitivity
  • Audio Squelch Blocking
  • Hum and Noise

Test High/Low or both power level settings on any channel with support for a PTT line to auto-key/de-key the transmitter. Single channel test execution is allowed to re-check failed channels. Supports re-test, accept failure or abort on any failed test. Supports Store and Recall for Test Configurations and Test Results. Network or local printer support allows for an immediate hard copy to be obtained.

EF Johnson Radio Auto Alignment (390XOPT606)
This option adds the capability to do a fully automatic alignment on EF Johnson P25 radios. The option has the same features as option 390XOPT600, but for EF Johnson P25 radios. 

BK DPHx5102x Radio Auto Alignment (390XOPT607)
This option adds the capability to do a fully automatic alignment on BK DPHx5102x radios.

A new option that enables the Aeroflex 3920 Series Digital Radio Test Set to test and align a wide range of DMR radios and repeaters. The built in vocoder allows voice communications test and off air monitoring.  Built in speech patterns also allow for quick sensitivity measurements.  DMR radio technology is a new digital radio format offering advanced communications features specified by the ETSI technical standard 102-361. DMR technology is currently under development or being released by a number of OEM radio manufacturers, and includes Motorola’s new MOTOTRBO™ technology.

Measurements Graphical Displays
Broadband Power Signal Power Symbol Distribution Plot Power Over Time
Frequency Error Slot Power Ratio Eye Diagram  
Slot 1 Power Slot 2 Power Constellation Plot  
FSK Error Symbol Deviation Power Profile Full  
Magnitude Error TX Bit Error Power Profile Ramps  

NXDN® (390XOPT440)
Add advanced testing capability for NXDN with 390XOPT440. This option enables the Aeroflex 3920 Series Digital Radio Test Set to perform a variety of Transmitter and Receiver tests on any NXDN radio. Transmitter measurements include:

  • Signal power
  • Frequency error
  • FSK error
  • Symbol deviation
  • TX BER
  • Symbol clock error

The system supports both 4800 and 9600 baud systems. Measurements can also be displayed as an EYE diagram, symbol distribution plot and a symbol constellation plot. A power over time graph is provided to diagnose a variety of power-related issues.
Receiver testing is supported with a variety of signal generation patterns.

  • STD 1031 (1031 Hz pattern)
  • STD CAL (1031 Hz pattern with 5% BER)
  • STD 511 (PN9 bit sequence)
  • STD INTFR (PN15 bit sequence)

TETRA (390XOPT110 - 390XOPT115)
The 3920 has system personality options for ETSI TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) mobile terminal and base station testing. New for the 3920 are test capabilities for TETRA direct mode operation. This package provides features for testing TETRA mobile direct mode call setup and parameters.

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